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London, UK: October 2015 –  December 2015

In the last 40 years Hip-Hop has become the dominant force in popular culture. Bigger Than Festival celebrates the history and future of Hip-Hop in all its forms with a carefully curated series of events live shows, club nights, panel discussions, film screenings and workshops.

What’s In A Name?

‘Bigger Than’ is not only a reference to the hugely popular Dead Prez track ‘Bigger Than Hip-Hop’, but also highlights that the festival’s celebration that Hip-Hop has always been so much more than it’s musical form.

Having started with the ‘4 elements’ DJing, MCing, B-Boying and Grafitti
Hip-Hop is now the greatest cultural influence of the 20th & 21st Centraries. Incorporating film, fashion, language etc and is seen and heard in every aspect of modern life from advertising to fine art.

What’s The Aim?

The primary aim of the festival is to immerse as many people as possible in Hip-Hop culture. Whether through attending a live show, a panel discussion, a workshop or exhibition. Appealing to established Hip-Hop fans and the uninitiated alike we will show the huge influence Hip-Hop has had in the last 40 years through our schedule of cultural events.

It is also a key aim to educate and inform people not only about Hip-Hop culture but how to get empowered and involved with workshops in all elements from DJing & B-Boying to graffiti and MCing.